"How To Develop Your Executive Cybersecurity Blueprint & Ensure Your, Your Board, Executives, & Family's Cyber(in)security Doesn't Become Your & Your Organization’s Downfall

& Do So (In Less Than An Afternoon) Without Prior Tech Knowledge" 
Executive Training

Thursday, Jan 28th, 2021

09:00AM-10:15AM EST (New York)

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Executive Cybersecurity 
Strategies You Will Learn

Anchored in Cybersecurity Strategy, Tech Innovation, Geopolitical Analysis, & Practical Execution, including NSA-sourced content, the Seminar will provide you with answers to 3 strategies for taking control of your executive cybersecurity - as organizational VIP, as a private citizen, and as a family - and developing your cybersecurity blueprint:

Strategy 1 - How To Take 360˚ Control Of Your Professional, Personal & Family's Cybersecurity & Develop Your Executive Cybersecurity Blueprint In Less Than 5 Hours
Strategy 2 - How To Develop & Implement Your Own Cybersecurity Blueprint Without Prior Tech Knowledge & Ensure Your, Your Board, Executives, & Family's Cyber(in)security Doesn't Become Your & Your Organization’s Downfall
Strategy 3 - How to Most Effectively Assess Your Professional, Personal, and Family Cyber Risk Exposure vs. Need for Urgency

Training By Andrzej Cetnarski & Based On VIP Cybersecurity Blueprint™ Co-Authored By:

Andrzej Cetnarski - Exec Producer & Co-Author
Founder, CEO, Co-CIO Cyber Nation Central®

20yrs working w/ corporate & government leaders globally

Expertise in cybersecurity, digital innovation, organizational strategy, entrepreneurship, & regulatory policy

Prior to legacy-building through Cyber Nation Central:

(1) Tech, cybersecurity, defense, real estate investment banker with UBS, HSBC, & Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley, in NYC & globally, closing $7bn+ of transactions globally

(2) US Congressional staffer, global public-private partnership leader, tech entrepreneur Chairman/CEO across 25 countries

(3) Harvard Kennedy School National Security & Cybersecurity MPA/MC, Wharton School Finance & Entrepreneurship MBA, UPenn International Affairs MA, & University of Chicago Economics AB alum

Mike Gillen - Co-Author
Former Deputy Chief of Cyber Ops, NSA

​~20yrs in cybersecurity at US DOD's National Security Agency, most recently as Deputy Chief of Operations for Cybersecurity, a career that has put him in front of US Congress and National Security Council on a number of occasions

Director, Product & Data Security, for iRobot, global consumer robotics company, protecting millions of connected robots

​NSA work involved leading operations utilizing NSA’s foreign intelligence capabilities to detect & track cyber threats targeting U.S. & partner networks, incl. joint CIA-NSA efforts

Harvard Research Fellow, Georgetown U. MA, Truman U. BA

Why Do Others Say This Training Is Necessary For Executives?

"I knew my personal cybersecurity was weak because neither I nor anyone from my company was focused on it. Unfortunately, it did not even occur to my CTO & IT to focus on my C-suite level cybersecurity any differently than the rest of the employees. While our CTO was focused on cybersecurity of the company, I knew that I had to focus on my individual – professional & personal – vulnerabilities so no one could use my activities – digital or physical – to gain a digital backdoor into our company. I think this Training is critical for all C-suite executives, Board members, and anyone else who controls significant resources of their own or their employers."

Dominik R.
CEO of a Healthcare Company, former CEO of a Venture Capital & Family Office Platform, former Investment Banker

"[During the training], I understood that I too can represent a cyber risk for my family and the organizations with which I am related. If my digital security practices are not the best, I can compromise the security of those stakeholders. This thought reinforced the conviction I had of improving my cybersecurity. I definitely recommend this training to anyone who wants to strengthen their own cyber security and that of their family members, organizations and key stakeholders.”

June L.
Senior Advisor to Vice President  
Central American country

"For many years now I have been concerned about my personal and professional cybersecurity, but that concern significantly increased in the last few years as my public and social media profiles increased. Consequently I have been searching for an appropriate course tailored to a senior leader, one that would provide both strategic and practical guidance. I am delighted with my choice of Cyber Nation Central®’s and I strongly recommend it to any senior official with my type of profile or situation."

Angela Z.
Senior Official, Office of the 
United Nations Secretary-General

Testimonials are factual & from real individuals. Names of individuals have been changed & photo avatars distorted to protect their identities. Titles/positions of individuals are factual.
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