How To "Cybersecure" Yourself 360° In One Afternoon - 
Even If You're Not A Tech-Savvy Leader, And Ensure:
That You Discharge Your Cybersecurity Moral & Fiduciary Duties
That Your, Your Team's, & Your Family's Cyber(In)Security 
Doesn't Become The Downfall Of Your Organization & YOU!

Cybersecurity is poised to empower every corner of our digital world. As cybercrime overtakes illegal drugs as the #1 crime in the world, there has never been a more crucial time for our leaders to become fluent in cybersecurity as the driver of sustainable & scalable digital growth. It is our leaders' fiduciary responsibility to become the cybersecure-culture standard-bearers they need to be for their organizations & their families.
Cyber Nation Central's VIP Cybersecurity Blueprint already today defines what it means for leaders who are shifting the paradigm of our society and our world to be scalably cybersecure themselves and to ensure their organizations and loved ones are too. This Blueprint's mission will forever change how our leaders interact with and lead their organizations and their families into the digital world. 

"This mission is something that holds a lot of meaning to both of us… we’ve been in the cybersecurity industry for nearly 3 decades combined and we’ve seen the VIP threat landscape from both the "hacker" & "target" perspective, & we've built tools to address the issues. The VIP Cybersecurity Mastermind is our way of going one step further to provide value and leave a lifelong legacy.” And it all starts with the world-class course VIP Cybersecurity Blueprint.

Who is a VIP?

All CEOs, Politicians, Candidates for Public Office, 
Government Officials, Celebrities, &
ALL Leaders Shifting the Paradigm of Our World & Society,
Anywhere Around the Globe!

Why Does This Blueprint Focus On YOU, The VIP, and Not Your Overall Organization? 
And Why Do You Want It To?

  • BECAUSE you - our CEOs, government officials, politicians, & other private and government sector leaders - YOU ARE THE CYBER WHALE hackers want to fish: you - & often your family - are the most lucrative "Return-On-Hack" gateways to your organizations' "Digital Crown Jewels," meaning data & other digital assets accessing which can help motivated "threat actors" (hackers) cause your organization & even you & your family:
  • ​1. Reputational Harm...
  • 2. Financial Harm...and...
  • 3. Even Loss of Life, if your professional activities pose this risk to you, as explored in the Blueprint.​
  • BECAUSE​ the threat landscape facing you is MUCH higher than that facing your employees:
  • 1. From Nation-State hackers and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) to Competitors, motivated by Corporate Espionage, Data Collection, Data Manipulation, IP Theft and everything in between, you and specifically you are increasingly targeted for the sensitive information you have access to, and with exponential success and harm.
  • 2. You travel globally & to places where your own and your surroundings' cybersecurity can often be easily compromised (this Blueprint covers Travel Cybersecurity in detail).
  • 3. You are busy & in the hustle of your professional & life pursuits, you often relegate your cybersecurity to your providers, or at best your CTO - both a mistake, as we explain.
  • 4. And yet, even the slightest "slip up" by you in your cybersecurity blueprint can give hackers the entryway to destroy you, your family, your organization!
Andrzej Cetnarski Visiting a NATO Mission
Visiting a NATO Mission
  • BECAUSE your organization’s cybersecurity policies & protections, budgets, and knowledge required rarely rise up to the level necessary to be able to protect you from the threat landscape facing you - the VIP, the Cyber Whale, the organization's leader - exposing you, and by extension your family, and your organization (!) to unknown threats, AND leaving you alone in the fight when things go awry & your organization chooses to part ways with you, further putting you & your family at risk.
  • BECAUSE you - not your CTO - ought to be the cybersecure-culture standard-bearer for your family & for your organization, and not just because of your fiduciary duties but because it's the only way to authentically and legitimately lead your organization AND your family's digital transformation SECURELY into the future – yet how can you be this leader if you yourself don’t know how to cybersecure yourself & consistently remain cybersecure against the threat landscape facing you!​​​
Take Your Cybersecurity Into Your Own Hands, With Everything You Need To Know & Implement In This VIP Cybersecurity Blueprint

Why This Course Will RAPIDLY Become
Your Go-To BLUEPRINT for VIP Cybersecurity!

This Course differentiates between cybersecurity threats facing organizations and their employees VS. the heightened threat landscape faced by those organizations’ leaders (VIPs), as leaders & as private citizens, including risks posed by families of VIPs to the VIP and to the VIP's organization
Organizational VIPs become increasing targets of “cyber whaling,” with cybercrime skyrocketing as world goes digital; cybercriminals already make >$1.5trn each year (that's just below Canada's GDP!)
This Course delivers to VIPs a 360° system of cybersecurity for the VIP, their family, their Executives & Board Members (who are notoriously outside of organizational cybersecurity policies) that helps them avoid being their organizations’ continued biggest (& rising) cybersecurity threat
Learn all about Cybersecurity of Travel, least appreciated, least covered by cybersecurity policies, & yet most prone-to-hack & most compromising attack vector against VIPs. Learn your risks of & solutions for travel around the office, around town, in limos, elevators, at airport lounges, on planes, domestically & int'lly, in friendly & not-so-friendly countries, & even to risky government buildings
This education is border-proof and applicable to any leader across geopolitical landscapes, from US to China and in between. It further coaches VIPs, and gives them practical tools, to become the cybersecure-culture standard-bearers they need to be for their global and local organizations
This Course teaches you cybersecurity strategy vs. organizational strategy secrets Andrzej & Mike have spent nearly 40 years discovering
Learn the main cybersecurity VIP-specific risks, best practices that mitigate them, and gadgets that address them head on & come away with not only a new clout of cybersecurity for you, your family, your Board & Executive Team but with the ability to be an authority on your organization’s cybersecurity!
"We truly believe that no CEO, political figure, government official or other VIP leading an organization should be cyber(in)secure because they’re strapped for time, budget, tech knowledge, or are limited by their organizations' cybersecurity policies. We also truly believe that there is no solution out there that delivers a cybersecurity blueprint for VIPs and their families specifically, AND makes it as easy as Cyber Nation Central's VIP Cybersecurity Blueprint does. That is where our VIP Cybersecurity Mastermind comes in…See you there!" 
- Andrzej Cetnarski

Cyber Nation Central's VIP Cybersecurity Blueprint Makes MASSIVE IMPACT 

Has reached CEOs, government officials, political figures in over 15 countries across 6 continents!
Aims to fund 2 CYBERSECURITY FELLOWSHIPS for underprivileged students:
  • 1 in STRATEGY at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
  • 1 in REGULATORY POLICY at Harvard Kennedy School of Government
Helps fulfill mission of higher-purpose cyber readiness by creating cybersecure- culture standard-bearer leaders in private & government sectors globally



Andrzej Cetnarski - Mastermind Host
Founder, CEO, Co-CIO, Cyber Nation Central

20yrs working w/ private & government sector leaders globally

Expertise in cybersecurity, digital innovation, organizational strategy, entrepreneurship, & regulatory policy

Prior to legacy-building through Cyber Nation Central, served as:

(1) Tech, cybersecurity, defense, real estate investment banker with UBS, HSBC, & Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley, in NYC & globally, closing $7bn+ of transactions across the globe

(2) US Congressional staffer, global public-private partnership leader, tech entrepreneur Chairman/CEO across 25 countries

(3) Harvard Kennedy School National Security & Cybersecurity MPA/MC, The Wharton School Finance & Entrepreneurship MBA, UPenn Lauder MA, & University of Chicago Econ AB alum

Mike Gillen - Mastermind Guest-Host
Head of Tech Innovation, Cyber Nation Central

​~20yrs in cybersecurity at US DOD's National Security Agency, most recently as Deputy Chief of Operations for Cybersecurity, a career that has put him in front of US Congress and National Security Council on a number of occasions

Director, Product & Data Security, for iRobot, global consumer robotics company, protecting millions of connected robots

​NSA work involved leading operations utilizing NSA’s foreign intelligence capabilities to detect & track cyber threats targeting U.S. & partner networks, incl. joint CIA-NSA efforts

Harvard Research Fellow, Georgetown Univ MA, Truman Univ BA

Why Do You NEED This Mastermind?

Provides You The Rare Opportunity To Learn from Two Top Cybersecurity Strategy and Execution Experts with Organizational Strategy Expertise at the Highest Level and Incredible Track Records in All the Areas Necessary to Teach You VIP-focused Cybersecurity!
Provides You a 360° VIP Cybersecurity Blueprint covering every corner of your digital avatar, from your Phones, Tablets, Laptops, IoT Devices, Cloud Infrastructure, Social Media, Passwords & Authentication, Cybersecurity of Travel (locally, domestically, internationally to friendly and less-friendly-to-your-own countries, into government buildings foreign and domestic), and the interactivity and geopolitics of it all!
Focuses on You & Your Cybersecurity, as the Leader of Your Organization & as a Private Citizen, by extension teaching you how to cybersecure your Family, your Board, & your Executives! 

Why Is Now The Most Critical Time To Have This VIP Cybersecurity Blueprint?

2020 Has Accelerated Digitalization And, With It, Cyber(in)security

In recent past, the digitalization of our world has become exponential, with organizational leaders and employees alike forced by a global pandemic to work from cyber(in)secure homes and make-shift offices, unsecured, often-unencrypted home WiFi networks, with privacy protocols severely lacking, and over virtual platforms (Zoom), whose privacy & cybersecurity was proven publicly to have been severely compromised, & with IoT devices (e.g. Alexa), which create additional cybersecurity and cyber espionage risks.

Cybercriminals Increasingly Taking Advantage Of The Coronavirus Pandemic To Target Individuals And Organizations

Unsurprisingly, US & British authorities sounded alarms, as quoted by The Wall Street Journal Apr 8, 2020, that cybercriminals & sophisticated hackers tied to foreign adversaries are increasingly trying to take advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to target individuals & organizations.

This Happens at a Time When...

The Gap Between Digitalization And Cybersecurity Has Already Been Widening

Digitalization of our world was already growing exponentially, with AI, IoT, and connectedness of everything driving the exponential curve of digitalization before 5G even sets foot and cybersecurity of that digitalization was already lagging behind, at best, and lacking, at worst…exposing VIPs, their organizations, and their families to cyber breaches further…

Cybercrime Is Already a ~$1.5trn/Year Industry

That's equivalent to Russia’s GDP and is under-reported at that, since few entities want to publicly announce they’ve been “hacked”. This has caused cybercrime to overtake illegal drugs as the world’s largest crime, and, as VIPs become more digital themselves, the "fodder" for crime just gets larger.

The Threat Landscape Is Already Increasing Exponentially

With cybercrime increasingly more lucrative, # of cyber criminals & # of attack vectors used is exponentially increasing, only further aided by AI.


Organizations’ Leaders Are Already Being Singled Out By Hackers As The “Cyber Whales” Of Their Organizations...

Because of your unfettered access to your organization's data & digital infrastructure, hunting you, the VIP, the Cyber Whale, provides hackers with unfettered access to your organization’s Digital Crown Jewels (data, bank accounts, etc.), and brings a real threat of loss of reputation, capital, & sometimes even life itself…

And The Threat Landscape Against You Specifically Is Only Increasing Exponentially From Here

Just email scams against CEOs of businesses is a $26bn industry & growing, according to the FBI. And that’s just emails (a tiny component of attack vectors hackers use & only one component of many we cover in just the Cloud Security Module, much less the entire VIP Cybersecurity Blueprint!

This VIP Cybersecurity Blueprint Provides You ALL You Need To Take Cybersecurity Into Your Own Hands!

Allowing you to become the cybersecure-culture standard-bearer you need to be for your organization, for your family, for your loved ones...SO...

Limited Time Offer Only. 

If This Page Is Active, Spots Are Still Available As Part Of The 

COVID-19 Cybersecurity Fallout Preparedness Efforts!

This is a Limited Time Offer to Ensure You Boost Your Cyber Resilience NOW, as Covid-19 cyber breaches are rising exponentially! The cybersecurity fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic on your home’s currently over-utilized and your organization’s ill-utilized digital infrastructures -- both ill-prepared for the current new normal and both already potentially compromised by threat actors as cybersecurity corners are "cut" to allow for emergency off-site work to continue -- will be severe.
Your home digital infrastructure & your routines have not been cybersecurity-proofed to the level matching your threat landscape, & your organization’s infrastructure is being accessed by you, your Board, your Executives, your employees in unprecedented -- & cyber(in)secure -- ways that are nonetheless transmitting sensitive information of your organization & YOUR OWN across cybersecurity- & privacy-lacking channels! The time to cybersecure yourself against the fallout is NOW!
Coronavirus VIP Cybersecurity Fallout Preparadness
Just think about how many hackers are likely sitting on your home network NOW! We mean it. Kick them off with proper best practices, proper tech devices & routines, NOW!

This offer is meant to incentivize you to Take Action NOW to Cybersecure Yourself, Your Family, Your Board, Your Executives, and by Extension Your Organization as well – BEFORE it’s too late! Kick the thus-far-undetected hackers off your networks BEFORE they’ve done irreparable damage to you, your family, your organization!
With this Blueprint - unlike anything in the market - you gain 360° cybersecurity. If you're a CEO, Board Member, Political Figure, Celebrity, Government Official, or other VIP leading an organization, & if you don't want to be a "sitting duck" for hackers while your organization catches up on how to cybersecure you against your specific threat landscape, THIS BLUEPRINT IS SPECIFICALLY TAILORED FOR YOU! So...

Who Is This Blueprint For? Who Is It Not For?

This Blueprint is for those CEOs, those Politicians & Public Office Candidates, those Celebrities, those Government Officials, and all those leaders across the globe that are leading an organization and performing at the highest level in their field who are not willing to risk their hard-earned reputations, hard-fought-for accomplishments of their teams, or their family’s well-being by allowing their cyber(in)security to be the downfall of all that they’ve worked so hard for!
This Blueprint is for those go-getters that take the digitalization of their organization (and their own as well as their family's) seriously and understand that that digitalization HAS to be cybersecure in order to be successful AND safe!​
This Blueprint is for those who realize that their cybersecurity as the leader of their organization faces a much more complex threat landscape than their employees & their organizations, that their daily lifestyle & routines alone warrant higher levels of cybersecurity!
This Blueprint is for those that are not willing to relegate their cybersecurity to the standard policies of their organizations, tailored mostly to the average employee who simply does not face the same threat landscape as the organization’s leader.
This Blueprint is for those who realize that their family isn't being cybersecured by their organization, & yet their family’s, their children's cyber(in)security, on social media and otherwise, could very well be the downfall of the VIP, their family, AND their organization!
This Blueprint is NOT for dabblers who don’t take their cybersecurity fiduciary responsibilities seriously. It is not for leaders who do not realize that cybersecure culture starts at the top, not the middle. It is not for those leaders who do not believe they, not their CTO, ought to be the cybersecure-culture standard bearers for their organizations & their FAMILIES!


What Will We Teach In This
Rare VIP Cybersecurity Blueprint?

  • Come away with a full, practical, easy to implement, pragmatic blueprint for your 360° cybersecurity, from your devices – what phones, laptops, tablets, apps, even IoT devices to choose and how to outfit them, with software and outside – to cloud security, passwords & authentication VIP protocols to follow, travel cybersecurity, and all the best practices for the inter-connectivity of it all!
  • ​Become fluent in cybersecurity yourself, in YOUR language (not your CTO’s), even if you’re not a tech-savvy leader, & do so all in 7 easy-to-follow modules & in less than one afternoon. Then walk confidently into your next Board, Investor, or Donor meeting, or call with your CTO, knowing you're now a legitimate cybersecure-culture standard-bearing leader for your own organization, family, & yourself!
  • Learn all you need to know to choose the right devices to maximize your cybersecurity and all the best practices you need to know to scalably optimize the cybersecurity of those devices.
  • Get a blueprint for how to travel cybersecurely as a VIP ​– around your office (yes - even as you travel from one WiFi point to another!), around town, domestically, on an airplane, in the airport lounge, internationally to friendly and not-so-friendly countries, and even into domestic and foreign government offices! You will never fear the cyber(in)security of travel ever again!
  • Understand the geopolitics of cybersecurity that are affecting you and your organization, from US all the way to China and in-between, from GDPR to privacy-first behavior, and what that practically means for you, your family and your organization today, right now.
  • Get the blanket of cybersecurity around you that is currently not being provided to you by your organization’s standardized-across-organization cybersecurity policies. Know that your cybersecurity is now tailored to the unique threat landscape that faces YOU as your organization’s leader specifically, YOU as a private citizen, AND YOUR FAMILY. And know that the newly-found cybersecurity of all of you is now no longer the existential risk you once were to your organization’s cyber breach potential and downfall!

What Are the EIGHT REASONS Why This Course is
Vastly Different Than Anything Else in the Market?

1. This is The Only Course in the Market that Covers 360° of Your Cybersecurity as a VIP AND Provides You With an Actual BLUEPRINT for What Your Cybersecurity Should Look Like

This course takes a wholistic approach to your cybersecurity, taking into account 100% of your cyber avatar. By the time you’re done with this course, you will have covered every major component of your cybersecurity, for your devices, cloud, passwords/authentication protocols, travel, social media, and even IoT devices and geopolitics of cybersecurity. It’s the only course of its kind in the market that takes you by the hand through 100% of your cybersecurity as a VIP.
Furthermore, this is a BLUEPRINT! This is not piecemeal. This is not a bunch of topics haphazardly strung together. This is not a Course on 3 or 4 of the most important topics in cybersecurity. This is a practical, pragmatic, easily implementable, 360-degree BLUEPRINT of all of the areas of the cybersecurity of a VIP - & the risks, the best practices, the tech devices and gadget winners - the "ALL" of it! And it does not apply to just you as the VIP. It ALSO applies to your Spouse, to your Children, to your Executive Team, AND to Your Board Members.

2. Unlike Most Courses that Focus on Cybersecurity of Organizations & Their Employees, This is THE ONLY Course in the Market to Focus on Cybersecurity of VIPs, Specifically Cybersecurity (1) of VIPs as Leaders of Their Organizations, (2) of VIPs as Private Citizens, & (3) of VIPs' Families, & the Effect All Three Have on the VIP's Organization. Why?

  • Because as the "Cyber Whales" of their organizations, with access to all Digital Crown Jewels of the organization - from accounts to data, to digital infrastructure - Board Members, Politicians, Celebrities, Political Candidates, Government Officials, and ALL other Leaders shifting the Paradigm of our Society and our World face a different - much higher - threat landscape than an average employee, and they face both known and unknown cyber enemies that are motivated by a host of reasons to go after the VIP and the VIP's Digital Crown Jewels. VIPs face cyber enemies further empowered by an exponentially increasing variety of attack tools. And yet…
  • > The cybersecurity protocols, budgets and knowledge of these VIPs’ organizations rarely rise up to the level necessary to cybersecure the VIP against the specific threat landscape that faces the VIP, and yet…
  • > When something goes wrong with the VIP’s cybersecurity – their own as the leader of the organization, their own as a private citizen, or their spouse's or children's – and the breach causes harm to the organization - reputational, financial, or otherwise - often the VIP finds themselves (1) looking for a new job, losing their public office or losing an election, and (2) with an eroded brand/reputation, financial loss, or even loss of life...
  • ​​Because VIPs (not their CTOs) should be the legitimate cybersecure-culture standard-bearers for their organizations AND for their families. How can a VIP lead a culture of cybersecurity for their organizations or their families if they themselves don’t know how to cybersecure themselves or their families...?

3. This is the ONLY Course in the Market that Analyzes the CYBERSECURITY OF TRAVEL, Furthermore Doing So with Unprecedented Level of CRITICAL DETAIL

Our definition of travel goes deeper than ANY OTHER in the market. Rightly so as the cybersecurity risk of each is immense! It includes:
  • Travel around the office - yes! Even as you "travel" from one wifi access point to another, your "travel" exposes you to huge risk!
  • Travel around town: in elevators, chauffeured cars posing a car-level risk & chauffeur-level risk, restaurants, hopping meeting to meeting.
  • ​Domestic travel in your own country, facing threats "allowed" by your government & private sector on your domestic "digital infrastructure."
  • ​"Travel" at airports, in airport lounges, on planes. For each, we consider "threat actors" spying on you - known & unknown - & other risks.
  • ​International Travel, to countries friendly & not-so-friendly to your own, where risks facing you multiply exponentially.
  • ​To government buildings, foreign or domestic, in your own country or in foreign countries, each fraught with their own specific risks.
​With this definition of "Travel," it is easy to see why This Blueprint is the PREMIER provider of VIP Cybersecurity in the Market for CEOs, Politicians, Government Officials, Political Candidates, Celebrities, & All Leaders Shifting the Paradigm of Our Society & Our World! 

4. This is the ONLY Course in the Market to Analyze VIP Cybersecurity through the Lense of GEOPOLITICS

When you choose your Devices, whether you are in the US, in China, or in-between, (1) the regulatory landscape of your country and (2) the geopolitical relationship between your country and the countries that have manufactured the different components of your device, matter to your cybersecurity, in some cases driving the difference between a "cybersecure you" and a "sitting-duck-for-hackers you!"
Whether you're in China choosing your phone or in the US choosing your VPN, this course provides you with a geopolitical lens to analyze your choices through and make sure that you make the selection that works for you in your country, while understanding the broader picture and staying safe (1) wherever you live and (2) wherever you travel to.


Cybersecurity is too often jargonized (by CTOs or otherwise), thus missing the critical NEED and opportunity to convey its main points in “fiduciary/organizational strategy/risk speak” of the Board or the principal VIP of the organization, and yet still with all the right-level technical undertones that provide the necessary content and backing.
Having worked with US Congress and global governments and private sector organizations on behalf of our fellow citizens, having been been Chairmen, CEOs, public or government officials ourselves, and having had to bolster our own individual & organizational cybersecurity, we bring the Board fiduciary AND technical expertise (at the deepest level of technical ability) to the table while taking a practitioner’s view of the knowledge and implementation steps required to teach you what you need to know & do in “plain speak” to ensure your cybersecurity, and that of your family, your Executive Team, and your Board Members.

6. It's the ONLY Course In the Market that Specifically Considers the Cybersecurity of BOARD MEMBERS as a Threat to the Organization's Well-Being, and Provides You with Strategies & Tactical Steps to "Neutralize this Cyber(in)security!"

Board Members - as a result of being "organization outsiders" with nonetheless "top-secret" access to your organization's sensitive information - often present the biggest cybersecurity threat because they rarely follow or are even subject to the same cybersecurity protocols as your average employees, much less your Executives. Having been Chairman and CEO, and seen cyber espionage - from the inside and outside the organization, nation-state-level and employee-driven - Andrzej specifically considers Board risks and he and Mike provide specific, tangible, practical, and easy-to-implement solutions to "neutralize" this cybersecurity risk to the organization.

7. This Course Is Anchored Around VIP-Specific Risk Analysis, NOT Just General Cybersecurity Risks

Each Module of this Course certainly lays out the General Risks associated with the topic of that Module. But more importantly to you, it lays out some of the major VIP-specific risks, analyzing the Risk Landscape specific to VIPs so you have a clear understanding of why the Module acturally requires your attention, and why - if you don't address the risks - you may be finding yourself looking for a new job (at best) or behind bars or losing lives, at worst (if your organization has that risk, as we discuss in the Mastermind).

8. This Course is Focused on the Practical & Pragmatic TACTICS & STRATEGIES That a Time-Strapped VIP Needs

This course offers 7, to-the-point, critical-information-focused Modules, each less than 30 minutes on average, offering practical, pragmatic, and easy-to-implement tactics and strategies - Best Practices associated with each area of your cybersecurity as well as Tech Device & Gadget Winners you want to be surrounded by, as well as those you want to stay away from. And we do this for EACH area of cybersecurity of the VIP and their Cyber Avatar.

Join Us In This First-Ever VIP-Cybersecurity Blueprint!
Become The Newly-Empowered Cybersecure-Culture
Standard-Bearing Leader You Ought To Be!
And Inspire Your Children & The Next Generation of Your Organization's Leaders!

Course Content & Schedule

With just 7 easy-to-follow modules, you will walk away a tried, true & tested #cybersecureVIP

The Ideal Course For 360° VIP Cybersecurity During Uncertain Times & Rising Cybercrime!​

To start the transformation in your life, content is not enough, you need the RIGHT mindset and habits! 
This Course...

Helps You Think Like A Cybersecurity Fiduciary You Ought To Be

Culture Starts At The Top. The need for you to be the shepherd of cybersecurity for your organization and your family has never been higher. Whether for your family or for your organization, your CTO cannot win the battle against a rising tide of cybercrime alone. Furthermore, your CTO also does not set the cultural tone for your organization, and certainly not for your family. Yet your family’s cyber(in)security can be the reason you lose your organization! For your family and organization, to build a culture of cybersecurity- and privacy-first mindset, you must have the mindset that YOU are the cybersecurity-culture standard-bearer for your organization.

Helps You Understand Your Threat Landscape At A Time You Need It Most

With (1) digitalization of our world only just beginning & (2) hackers only just beginning to fully & scalably monetize on cyber(in)security, the mass-targeting of organizational leaders as the fastest gateway to organizations’ Digital Crown Jewels & the exponential rise of cybercrime are only just beginning. Understanding this & (1) how to think like a hacker, (2) what attack vectors & tools are being developed & used against organizations & their “cyber whales” – you – and (3) what is the hacker profile (nation state to garage geek) that’s after you, are just some of the mindset setters this course explores to arm you with next level cybersecurity!

Helps You Understand Digitalization's Impact on Your Cyber(in)security & What To Do About It

Already pre-COVID-19, the world’s exponential curve of digita-lization was resulting in a growing rift between digitalization & cybersecurity of that digitalization, especially with advent of AI & IoT. As COVID-19 "forced" the world to digitalize almost overnight, this rift ballooned & will accelerate further as digitalization-of-everything accelerates. The resulting risk of cyber(in)security (1) on orgs allowing not-as-secure methods of working remotely in order to still get work done & (2) on individual executives & their employees personally bearing the risk-to-their-organizations of cyber(in)security of their home & out-of-office environments, has become too grave not to address. This course gives you tools to take cybersecurity into your own hands - to secure your personal networks so you don't harm your organization or yourself - & lead this cultural shift for your organization & your family.

Helps You Understand The Practical Daily Implications Of Geopolitics Of Cybersecurity

The geopolitical cybersecurity and privacy rifts (1) between US and China, (2) between other privacy promoters and violators, (3) between cybersecurity-enablers vs. threats, and (4) among the shades of gray in-between globally affect every piece of the technology you use daily, and therefore your daily cybersecurity. Having a geopolitically-minded mindset means the difference between being a target of nation-state-sponsored cyber espionage against you and sleeping soundly at night knowing you’re as protected as you can be. This course will show you how to think in a geopolitically-minded way (not just strategically or technologically) so you don’t allow countries battling each other in cyberspace to affect your daily cybersecurity.

Absolute Satisfaction Warranty

Our course is poised to deliver unprecedented value to you! However, if you're still unsure about joining, we offer a full, 30-day money back guarantee. Try the program and if you're not happy with it, ask for a refund within 20 days of your purchase and we will have your refund to you within 30 days of your purchase! Your satisfaction is our #1 priority!

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Do I Have To Be Tech-Savvy to Understand the Material In This Course?
Not at all. This course takes cybersecurity and puts it into plain language. Whether you’re a CEO, a Chairman, a Member of Congress/Parliament, are a Government Minister of Section Head, or are a Political Candidate, this course will explain cybersecurity to you at the VIP and organizational level in a way that’s easy to implement and that makes it easy for you to become the cybersecure-culture standard-bearer that you ought to be for your organization and for your family, and - most importantly - for yourself!
Do I Require Help Implementing The Solutions Offered In This Course?
For most of the VIP audience, you do not. As long as you are currently finding your way around a computer, around the internet, and know how to access your Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive (or whatever cloud you are using), this will be quite easy to implement on your own. While you may need to poke around your devices a bit to find the specific settings required, doing so will be easy from a technical perspective.
For those that are not as familiar with technology and/or don’t use it every day, if you find yourself needing help, please contact with Subject Line "VIPCB Implementation Remote Help Request” and we will be happy to help explore a solution that can help you implement the solutions remotely.
Will The Advice Provided In This Blueprint Work In My Country?
Yes! We purposely built this course for private and government sector leaders across the globe, taking into consideration not only the geopolitics of cybersecurity and their effects on you but also the availability and security infrastructure of different technologies in your geographical area, as well as the best practices that might work better for you given the geopolitical landscape of your region.
How Much Time Do I Need To Make This Work?
The course itself is ~4 hours long, start to finish. To implement all the components of the course and do a good job of it: (1) if you already have the right devices (which we go over in the Course), give yourself one morning and one afternoon to implement our Blueprint and (2) if you don’t already have the right devices, give yourself another (up to) a day to acquire the right devices (we’ll tell you exactly what devices to get, so it’s literally just going to mean going to the store or ordering them online).
Can I Trust Andrzej & Mike?
I don’t think you could find two more trustworthy individuals of the past 20 years who have sought to transform and change the cybersecurity posture of their clients and who have devoted their lives to a higher purpose of cybersecurity for our citizens, our institutions, and our nations. WIth a global track record, distinguished careers ranging from US Congress, US Department of Defense, National Security Agency, UBS Investment Bank, and many other top global organizations, as well as degrees from Harvard, Wharton, University of Chicago, Georgetown, and others, our track record has been built with helping you in mind. Furthermore, having been on both sides of cybersecurity, there is no cybersecurity topic that Andrzej and Mike do not feel deeply passionate and knowledgeable about, making it their obsession to help leaders and their organizations unleash their true potential and going to the next level of cybersecurity. I’m not sure there are 2 people alive on the planet who care more about YOUR success and your ability to bring the impact to the world that you have been born to have!!
Happy Customer, Happy Town
CYBERSECURITY DISCLAIMER: We don’t believe in “get secure without work” programs – only in hard work, practicing secure behavior, staying on top of your threats, building security practices that protect you, and serving others with excellence and consistency. Our trainings are intended to help you develop a strategy for staying secure through your devices and your behaviors. Just as with physical security, where there is never a 100% security guarantee and you are only as secure as the precautions you take, so too with cybersecurity, you are only as secure as (1) the practices your practice, (2) the vigilance with which you practice them, (3) the rising threat landscape that faces you with growing attack vectors, (4) the rising number of threat actors, aka hackers, and (5) the rising tide of cyber weapons - tools that can be used by a cyber threat actor against his or her target. Cybersecurity is an "arms race," a constant battle between so-called "white hats" and "black hats" - who wins is dependent on who has the better tools at the time. Therefore, cybersecurity is only relative to the above factors, among others. This Blueprint gets you far ahead on the curve of cybersecurity, however, you must do the work of implementing the practices we have laid out - we have made them simple to implement on purpose – and you must then also practice vigilance in protecting your digital assets and practicing the right behaviors on a consistent basis while also growing your knowledge of how to stay as cybersecure as the threat landscape allows and requires at any point in time. Our programs take work and discipline, just like any worthwhile endeavor or professional continuing education program. As stipulated by law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or become 100% digitally secure (aka “cybersecure”) with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. We don't know you and, besides, your results in life are up to you. Agreed? We just want to help by giving great content, direction, and strategies. All products and services by our company are for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing on this page, any of our websites, or any of our content or curriculum is a promise or guarantee of results or future cybersecurity, and we do not offer any legal, medical, tax or other professional advice. Any statements contained here were made by individuals who participated in our training. VIPCB did not pay any consideration for these statements.  
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